The ticket for the Colosseum includes 1 entrance to the Colosseum (at the specified date/time) and 1 entrance to the Roman Forum/Palatine Hill. A standard ticket can be used to enter the Roman Forum/Palatine Hill within 24 hours of the reservation time/date. A full experience ticket can be used for two consecutive days to enter the Palatine Hill/Roman Forum (as per your reservation time/day, you must enter either the same day or before the last entrance time of the following day).

Not necessarily. Groups with participants of at least 14 or more, including free and reduced tickets (max 50 participants), are considered a ‘group’ and must have reserved entrance timed-tickets purchased in advance. These groups can enter through the group entrance. Large families or parties traveling together can purchase smaller denominations of tickets at similar times and use the normal entrance.

When booking your tickets online, you should specify the number of standard tickets and the number of reduced tickets that you will require (free tickets can be picked up at reservation kiosks). Bring your booking voucher and required identification to the reservation desk at the Arch of Titus kiosk or the Roman Forum kiosk and they will print the tickets for you.

Tickets purchased are not refundable. If you purchase a package from a tour operator that includes entrance with a tour guide, check the operator’s specific policy. Most tour operators offer a 24hr advance notice cancellation policy.

These are referred to as Full Experience tickets. You can purchase the tickets online but beware they are often sold out and most visitors purchase a package with a tour operator.

Always check the tour operator reviews and check their cancellation policy. Make sure to check what is included in your purchase, some prices seem unbelievably low and that probably means the package either doesn’t include the cost of entry or is just a ticket with an escorted entrance and not an actual tour guide.