Chiostro del Bramante

Until 11 April 2021

“Imagine a world where graffiti is not illegal……..where every street was awash with a million colours and little phrases, where standing at a bus stop was never boring.”

Banksy is known all over the world for his street art which is steeped in irony, intelligence, politics and protest.  For the first time in Rome, over 90 original pieces taken from private collections worldwide have been assembled to illustrate this world that the street artist dreams of.

The Chiostro del Bramante designed by Donato Bramante in the 1500s hosts this exceptional exhibition, the historic renaissance venue may seem an odd choice; but in recent years this elegant space has opened its doors to some of the most diverse contemporary art.

The exhibition features many well-known favourites from Love is in the Air to Girl with Balloon, Queen Vic to Napalm, it also includes over twenty projects for vinyl, CD and book covers spanning from 2001 to 2017.  

Banksy, the graffiti artist believed to hail from Bristol in England has kept his identity anonymous for years.  We do know that he trained with artists and musicians involved in the British underground scene, some even claim he is a well-known musician.  His art has surprised and enthralled since the late 1990s, with work appearing in cities worldwide from Bristol and London to New York and Jerusalem, here in Italy, in Venice and Naples.

Banksy remains anonymous not only because his wok is technically illegal, his satirical works touch on sensitive issues of political, ethics and religion.  As he states himself, he does not want his identity to compromise the perception of his work or its reception.  The artist addresses the public with no filter, exploring themes of war, wealth and poverty, globalisation, consumerism, politics, power, the environment and animals.

Don’t miss this exhibition of one of the world’s most influential graffiti artists.

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