La Luna Sul Colosseo: il sogno del gladiatore, or in English, The Moon on the Colosseum: the gladiator’s dream, is an event running at the Colosseum which allows visitors to experience the Colosseum in an atmosphere of nighttime splendor. With shadows and light cast on the walls, ancient and distant sounds throughout the stadium, and projections onto three large veils work to immerse visitors in the feelings a gladiator would have experienced on the eve of combat. You get the excitement and anticipation of walking in the footsteps of gladiators and spectators alike. With a walk through the hallways of the stadium, followed by a visit to the underground to see the tunnels where the animals were housed and the orchestrator would have been giving orders for each show. You will see the recreation of an ancient lift, operated by slaves, to raise animals to the surface, along with the troughs used to provide water to the animals caged in the underground of the arena. Leaving the underground, you arrive on the stage of the arena floor where the bloody battles of the gladiators would have taken place. The Moonlight Colosseum tour is a spectacular experience that visitors to Rome should absolutely not miss. Even if you’ve been on a tour during the day, the ambience at night provides a whole new glimpse into the overall magnificence of the Colosseum.


Tickets may be purchased online at Includes a guide provided by the Colosseum